November 2020

How to Practice Like the Pros

Ever wonder what goes on in the head of a high-level tennis player in practice?  This is something you cannot see or hear when watching them practice but it’s a habit I highly recommend you [...]

Dead Time and What to Do With It

I have found that no matter how busy I am, there is always dead time throughout a typical day.  Dead time is the time you have to do whatever you would like.  You are free [...]

Your 2017 Book List

Happy New Year!  I figured you all are getting plenty of advice on New Years Resolutions so I thought I would switch gears and suggest books that have helped my tennis game through different insights [...]

The Sports Gene…is it Real?

The book by David Epstein called “The Sports Gene” has given a strong argument that athletic performance is not worked for but actually acquired through birth.  Contrary to many of the blogs I have written, [...]

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