I have found that no matter how busy I am, there is always dead time throughout a typical day.  Dead time is the time you have to do whatever you would like.  You are free to choose what you wish at this time.  Many of you feel that your choices are not really choices but circumstances that you have to deal with in your life.  To gain a full appreciation for your life, it’s important to view all that you do as decisions you make.  Accepting the fact that your life is based upon choices, you will gain an appreciation for the control you have in your life.  You will start seeing that the routines you do are based on decisions you have made a long time ago that have put you in that position.  This is a large hurdle for most to overcome.  For better enlightenment on this, I recommend the book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra.  Specially, the chapter on Potentiality will give you a clarity on this concept of choice.

Before going any further about dead time, it is important to give a nonjudgmental analysis of how much time you truly have to do what you wish with.  This will hopefully help you realize that:

a)    You have dead time in every day you live.

b)   You have a choice of what you can do with that time.

Now the big question:  “What are you doing with it?”  Many of us watch TV shows or play games to fill in that void of time we have nothing else to do with.  I disagree with that approach.  By using this time to be productive, you can start improving the aspects of your life that need attention.  Need to get in better shape?  That dead time is a perfect opportunity to do a quick workout that is both effective and efficient (add blog post here).  Without knowing it, you will also start becoming a master of your time and become much more satisfied with how you are using your day.  Remember, we often regret the things we did not do, not the things we have done.