I often see failures in changes to one’s lifestyle when the person is in love with the destination but not the journey.  Most people like the thought of being healthier or in regards to tennis, be a better tennis player but people forget about what the IDENTITY is that is needed to make that happen.  For example, if you want are a 3.0 or 3.5 level tennis player, but want to be a 4.0, ACT like it.  So the question is, what are things that a 4.0 would do that you are not doing?  That is the first step in seeing if this will become a reality.  If it takes getting up earlier to eat a better breakfast, skip going out for lunch to fit in a workout or hit session, then you have identified the most important part of getting to your goal.  Now the question boils down to, are you in love with this process?  Another way of putting it is if you do not reach your goal, will you still be happy with the changes you made in your lifestyle to try to achieve that goal?  So if you cannot fall in love with the process, it won’t work.  So the next goal you plan, make sure you identify what it is that will take you to that goal but then ask yourself, is the process something you can fall in love with.  If the answer is yes, you are on your way to improvement!