Why Mental Coaching?

This past summer, I started a tournament team that trained weekly for local weekend tennis tournaments.  The practices were intense and designed to get the most out of each player’s potential.  I was excited to see the results of their hard work in their tournaments! 

What I noticed was hard to watch.  

Player after player struggled to move and find their game that they confidently showed in our practices.  

This begged the question, Why do most players practice better than they compete? 

The skills are there and the players know it.  They just can’t put it together consistently in a tennis match that matters.  Some days they play great but it’s inconsistent and unpredictable.   From all these observations, I knew that there needed to be a more in-depth method for mental training. 

I even researched a lot on this subject and even the pros mention how important this training is.   With that, I started to reach out to the best sports mental coaches in the world to see if they could train me.  Then I met Jeff Greenwald through his very popular Fearless Tennis Program.   

Jeff’s credentials speak for themselves (No. 1 in the world, author of The Best Tennis of Your Life, winner of 12 national titles, Hall of Fame Inductee and have worked with thousands of players over the past 25 years at every level of the game) and with his proven track record, it was clear this was the guy to work with.  Jeff saw my unique background and passion to learn and help others.  This led to him offering me to partner up with his Fearless Tennis brand to expand his reach in helping tennis players all over the world.

I couldn’t pass this opportunity up so I dug in and worked with him intensely for a few months.  I’ve started taking on clients and saw how this coaching and support system that Fearless Tennis offers can really change someone’s game. 

This is nothing like you see online.  In fact, we use metrics that we track throughout our time together on an impressive platform through CoachAccountable.  See here for an overview of that 24-7 support.  After coaching some players around the US, I wanted to extend the invite to anyone who wants to see a change in their tennis performance. 

With a free 15 minute discovery call, you can see if I would be a good fit for your goals.  No obligation, just a conversation on how I can help you and what the cost would be. 

If you’re unsure that mental toughness training is right for you, check out this questionnaire that can help you decide.

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