Looking For a Change in Your Performance?

I focus on results.  Performance on the tennis court is how we will gauge our work together.


Pillar 1: Tennis Instruction

Knowing the skills to hit the ball with the most efficiency, control and power needs a certified instructor.  My self-taught background gives me the edge to see all what is needed to get each player to the next level.  My certification as a USPTA pro will give you a piece of mind that you’re in good hands!

Pillar 2: Mental Toughness

Performance you expect in your tennis matches is not easy to obtain.  With my background as a Fearless Tennis Mental Coach, you will be given the tool set and coaching to see the results you’re looking for!

Pillar 3: Mobility/Agility

If you cannot move well, you cannot move often without injury.  Looking at your movement patterns will ensure that you can enjoy your time on the court for years to come!

Pillar 4:

Strength and speed are the foundation of a good tennis swing. Proper strength will improve your technique and power while speed can allow you to cover more court and dictate points in your matches!

Pillar 5:

Improving your diet, sleep habits and other avenues of health will get you to be an unstoppable force on the court.  You’ll always receive benefits of feeling and looking great too!

Pillar 6:

Need to stay consistent with your training?  Reach out to me for personalized accountability or join the 40/30 Club that have dedicated players that are working on their training.  This is created for a local group I train but is open to anyone in the world that wants accountability!

  • Technique: On court training to fit anyone’s level and needs.

  • Mental Toughness:  On-one-one coaching with a powerful platform to support you 24-7 throughout your training.

  • Mobility:  Get a customized plan to address range of motion and injury prevention.

  • Strength and Speed:  Taylor made to what you have at your home or come workout at my gym.

  • Health: Specific plan to use nutrition as a way to reach your goals no matter what your needs are.

  • Accountability: Get daily reminders and support to stay accountable.


Let’s Chat and Find Out!


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Ben Wolfe Tennis and Fitness
Ben Wolfe Tennis and Fitness
Based on 5 Google reviews
Jeremy Medina
Jeremy Medina
January 30, 2021.
I worked with Ben for three weeks to develop daily stretch, workout, and nutritional plans and came away super impressed at the thought, detail, and personalization he puts into each program. It's not a one-size-fits-all regimen, he takes the time to get to know you and your specific goals and abilities before creating customizable plans that are easy-to-follow and tailored specifically to you. And as someone who needs accountability (especially when it comes to working out), I appreciated that he checked in regularly to ask how things were going and to help and encourage. I've also taken a handful of tennis lessons with Ben and have always appreciated his positivity and ability to explain things in a way anyone can understand. I'm looking forward to keeping at it and seeing what the results look like three, six, 12 months down the road. Thank you, Ben!
Matthew Morine
Matthew Morine
January 18, 2021.
Ben was fantastic. As someone that is generally active, I was not sure about the amount of improvement I would gain through Ben’s program. By the end of it, the amount of training was transformational. He was comprehensive by providing nutrition advice, mobility and explosive training, and developed workouts that incorporated the movements that would provide the greatest benefits. His knowledge of fitness is unmatched. What I like best was his consistent encouragement and motivation throughout th program. He provided the skills to make long lasting improvements in fitness and tennis. I lost weight, gained muscle, and felt better. Thank you, Ben.
elizabeth hansen
elizabeth hansen
January 12, 2021.
Ben is very knowledgeable! Ive been working out for years and I still learned a lot! He kept me accountable and I felt changes physically within the first 10 days. If you are ready to get healthy - this is a great program.
Andrew Dibala
Andrew Dibala
January 6, 2021.
Working with Ben was simply a remarkable experience. His knowledge extends far beyond his professional tennis prowess, as he helped me curate a mass building workout regimen coupled with a detailed nutrition plan. During our initial consultation Ben was nothing short of thorough, ensuring my strength focused needs/goals were fully understood. Following our call he shared with me new, user friendly technology that enabled me to track my workouts and calorie intake. He also built out a customized weight lifting program for me and pushed daily workouts directly to my phone via an app. The daily workouts included warm up content, instructional videos to facilitate proper mechanics and reduce the potential for injury, and a number of stretch routines for flexibility oriented work. At the end of our first week, Ben walked me through a customized presentation he'd put together based on my progress. Because he had been keeping a close eye on my calorie intake, he was able to show me new ways I could achieve the same results but in a healthier manner by tweaking certain areas of my diet. Upon implementation of Ben's suggestions, I felt like I had more energy and needed less recovery time in between heavy workouts. Bottom line - Ben's programs work. He holds you accountable, offers support and pivots quickly when changes are needed. He listens intently and communicates daily, including weekly deep-dive recap calls to review your progress. I've never solicited a personal trainer but in my opinion, Ben's programs are far more focused and incorporate a great deal more content than any personal training program could hope to provide. Thanks for helping me exceed my goals, Ben! Ben Wolfe Tennis and Fitness is truly a superior product!
Nate Grossnickle
Nate Grossnickle
January 2, 2021.
I had the pleasure to work with Ben on the nutrition and health side of things. I learned so much! He did zoom calls with me to show me how to prepare meals and snacks that are not only healthy, but very affordable. He also gave me a meal plan which was easy to follow and used an app that allowed me to contact him and receive information from him very easily. I have never felt better and Ben has helped me reach my goals in a very short time!