One thing you cannot buy back is your time.   With that in mind, I wanted to consolidate all the cool things I have learned to get my body in the best physical state into a top 5 list.  I even provide you a link to buying the item (if practical) on amazon to make this as easy as possible.  I hope at least a few of these will help you increase your fitness to become a better athlete!  Here you go:

#5 Spice it Up
There are a lot of studies to show the positive influence spices have on your body.  Here are a few with links to buy them.
Turmeric powder with black pepper (black pepper helps the absorption of turmeric by 1,000%)
Garlic Powder

#4 Magical Food
Here are a few foods you should consider having before or after your practices, workouts or competitive events:  Coconut oil for heart health, Beets for better cardio, Cherry Juice for recovery, Citrus (so oranges or grapefruit) for better circulation, Plant protein for healthier recovery.

#3 Lacrosse Ball
This is the one thing all the players on my teams have to have in their bag.  They will roll on problem areas with it to help with mobility and being injury free  (if you need videos on this let me know).  They are cheap too!

#2 Band Exercises
Again, this is something all my players do before workouts.  It helps engage the hips and glutes, which should be activated when you are doing exercises with your legs.  It helps reduce injury and teach athletes to use their body the correct way.  Here is all you need.  If you need videos on this let me know.

#1: Sleep Better
Ok, that’s obvious.  Who wouldn’t want to have longer, better sleep?  I even blogged about the importance of sleep a few weeks ago.  Here’s the problem.  We live in the technology age where electronics are with us when we wake up until we go to bed.  Two things impact your sleep the most: food and light.  Staring at artificial light before you go to bed tricks your body into thinking that it’s not time for bed yet.  More specifically, the blue spectrum is the most damaging to your sleep.  By eliminating that color from hitting your eyes at night, your body will be able to get to sleep much faster.  I recommend blue light blocking sunglasses that I personally have tried and found very useful to use when I have to be on my computer at night before bed.  Best yet, they are less than $10!  I highly recommend you buy a pair for everyone in your family to help with their sleep.  Here’s the link to the ones I bought if you’re interested.