Tennis has been my vehicle for healthy living.  I’ve used tennis as a way to stay motivated in improving my physical and mental strength.  The lessons I’ve learned throughout this approach is priceless.  Now that I’ve finished my first year of adding fitness and health coaching to my usual tennis lessons, it’s time to give out some of the tips that I wish I had years ago.  Instead of calling this a “30 day challenge,” I would rather call it a “30 day journey.”  We will do this together as I hope to learn as much from you as you do from me.  This is not going to be a test of will power and discipline but rather an opportunity to open your mind to new ideas that could improve you as a person.  By the end of the 30 days, you should be equipped with plenty of information (as well as a support group) to get you moving towards a better you.
Each day I’ll offer plenty of ways to correspond with our support group.  I may challenge you to do a certain workout and post your time or give a picture of a new recipe I offer or your response to trying out a new stretch.  Whatever the case may be, I hope that we can have fun through the process of gaining knowledge to make healthy living fun.  Oh, and I will definitely add some tennis tips and drills for you to try too 🙂
This 30 day program is absolutely free.  In fact, if you think someone you know would like to try this but is not a tennis player, have them join!  There is no requirement other than to have an open mind and to be up for exchanging ideas with the group members.
Join the group here and let’s get started!(Remember we start on the 17th of October!)

PS:  One thing I’ll be covering in those 30 days is mental strength.  Here’s a video I made that covers 3 tips in improving your ability to stay focused in your matches.